Advanced Wound Therapy Device

A new concept in wound care therapy

The NHS manages an estimated 278,000 venous leg ulcers (VLUs) every year of which 47% (130,660) do not heal within 12 months, costing over £1.7bn per year. Static compression represents only 6% of the annual cost for managing VLUs but it is a main driver of district nurse visits. Community nurse visits are the main cost for the NHS when treating VLUs accounting for more than 78% of the total managing cost. (Guest et al, 2018)

To help reduce this cost burden, Huntleigh Healthcare has developed a new concept in wound healing. This unique device, WoundExpress, uses Intermittent Pneumatic Compression (IPC) to increase blood flow around the leg  ulcer. 

WoundExpress has been shown to significantly reduce the size of venous and mixed aetiology ‘hard to heal’ wounds in some patients and heal other wounds completely in just 8 weeks of use. (Naik et al, 2019)

The garment is easily applied by the patient on the thigh of the ulcerated limb, away from the wound site, and is used for only 2 hours per day as an adjunct to standard treatment.

In a recent study by Naik et al, 2019, pain scores decreased in 83% of the patients receiving treatment for 8 weeks. One patient reported a decrease in opioid medication he was taking for wound pain.

WoundExpress Brochure PDF